The Captain

Callum Scott started fishing professionally out of Watamu at the age of 18. 10 years down the line he now runs his own boat Elusive under his own company – Elusive Big Game Fishing. He has worked and run fishing boats across the world in America, Cape Verde, Seychelles and Kenya – all major destinations on the world fishing circuit.

Having crewed and worked alongside some of the best captains in the world, his experience and knowledge of targeting big game fish is exceptional. His up-to-date knowledge of the most effective and modernized ways of targeting big game fish consistently, put him at the top end of the fleet and has enabled him to win several of the big tournaments in Kenya over the last few years.

“We are at a very exciting transition in Kenya, big game fishing is becoming a whole lot more exciting. Developments in tackle and techniques are now allowing us to catch more fish and explore wider areas. The old-style fishing techniques of dragging lures and waiting for a bite have been phased out to a degree and we now like to use far more modernized methods like bait and switch, deep dropping, live baiting and fly fishing. These methods bring anglers right into the action zone and make it more electrifying.  Major improvements in sonar depth sounders have also played their part, as we can now see fish and structure far more clearly than we could 10 years ago.  There is still an element of luck, but we can do a whole lot more to improve our chances.”

– Callum Scott – Captain of Elusive


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